Yotto is a Slayer master which can be found South of the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the spirit tree.

He can assign tasks after Slayer level 60, and is a popular and safer alternative to the Wild Slayer Master for players who don't wish to train Slayer in the wilderness.

His tasks are generally a lot more lucrative than those from lower level Slayer Masters, although slightly less so than Xae'Kor's tasks.

Yotto on map

Yotto's location on the map.


Yotto roaming near the spirit tree.

Assigned Tasks

Yotto assigns the following tasks: Pirate, Lesser Demon, Swamp Burrower, Addy Golem, Mith Golem, Jungle Troll, Sand Burrower, Rock Golem, Werewolf, Swamp Slime, Cave Troll, Renegade Knight, Moss Giant, Undeadone, Poison Spider, Grey Wolf, Ice Spider, Ice Giant, Pack Leader, Ogre Chieftain, Green Dragon, Greater Demon.

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