Xae'Kor is a Slayer master who can be found in Zanaris (Lost City), South of the entrance from the shed in Lumbridge Swamp.

Players require to have level 85 slayer to be assigned tasks from him.

He is mostly known for his high level dragon tasks, including KBD. Most of his tasks are very profitable, and yield high amounts of experience due to high combat level npcs fought.

Xae'Kor on map

Xae'Kor's location on the map.

Xae'Kor location

Xae'Kor next to the Fairy Queen.

Assigned Tasks

Xae'Kor assigns the following tasks: King Black Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Black Demon, Green Dragon, Greater Demon, Swamp Burrower, Rune Golem, Addy Golem, Mud Golem, Mith Golem, Jungle Troll, Sand Burrower, Rock Golem, Cave Troll, Swamp Slime, Werewolf, Shadow Warrior, Blue Dragon, Fire Giant, Hellhound.

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