The Wild Slayer Master is a Slayer Master which can be found in the North of edgeville, below the Wilderness border.

After players have reached level 60 slayer, he can assign them Wilderness-only Slayer tasks.

  • Wild Slayer Master gives wilderness only tasks (meaning you can only kill them in wildy!)
  • Slayer experience is increased +0.5x for tasks completed in wilderness.
  • Plus an additional +0.5x for wilderness only tasks.
  • Allowing for a total exp rate of 3x.
    • Provided the player has both a Regular (+0.5x) and Platinum (+0.5x) subscription.
Wild Slayer Master on map-0

Wild Slayer Master's location on the map.

Wild Slayer Master location

Wild Slayer Master roaming the Wilderness Border.

Assigned Tasks

Wild Slayer Master assigns the following tasks: Thug, Bandit, Rat, Deadly Red spider, Earth Warrior, Ice Warrior, Ice Giant, Grey Wolf, Ice Spider, Pirate, Shadow Spider, Fire Giant, Giant Bat, Rogue, Animated Axe, Giant, Black Knight, Green Dragon, Ogre, Greater Demon, Red Dragon, Chaos Dwarf, Black Unicorn, Moss Giant, Giant Spider, Lesser Demon, Dark Wizard, Scorpion, Skeleton, Hobgoblin, Zombie, Ghostly, Rune Golem, Addy Golem, Mith Golem, Mud Golem, Swamp Slime, Werewolf, Swamp Burrower, Sand Burrower, Rock Golem, Venom Bomber.

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