Werewolves are Slayer monsters that can be found in Hell's Refuge (below Savage Slough), in the East Wild Dungeon and in the Varrock Sewer expansion.

They are level 58 combat, require Slayer level 40 to be attacked, and either Silver Bolts or Silverlight to be used to deal the final blow.

Locations Edit

Drop list

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Iron Ore
Iron Ore 1 Rare
Iron Bar
Iron Bar 1 Rare
Herb (unid)
Herb 1 Rare
Herb (unid)
Herb 1 Rare
Herb (unid)
Herb 1 Rare
Herb (unid)
Herb 1 Rare
Herb (unid)
Herb 1 Rare
Black short sword
Black Short Sword 1 Rare
Black medium helmet
Medium Black Helmet 1 Rare
Steel Axe
Steel Axe 1 Uncommon
Steel spear
Steel Spear 1 Uncommon
Steel square shield
Steel Square Shield 1 Uncommon
Vial (empty)
Vial 1 Uncommon
Vial (water) 1 Uncommon
Trout 4 Uncommon
Uncut Sapphire
Uncut Sapphire 1 Rare
Iron arrows
Iron arrows 100 Rare
Poisoned crossbow bolts
Poisoned Crossbow Bolts 15 Rare
Crossbow bolts
Crossbow Bolts 20 Rare
Silver bar certificate
Silver Bar Certificate 1 Rare
Silver certificate
Silver Certificate 1 Rare
Steel Bar
Silver Bar 1 Rare
Silver 1 Rare
Silver Bolts
Silver Bolts 200 Rare
Uncut Emerald
Uncut Emerald 1 Rare
Slayer Staff (bolt)
Slayer staff (bolt uncharged) 1 Very Rare
Bones 1 Always
Slayer Amulet
Slayer Amulet 1 Very Rare
Slayer Master Ring
Slayer Master Ring 1 Very Rare
Clue Scroll
Clue Scroll (medium) 1 Very Rare
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