The Varrock Sewer expansion is an area under Varrock that houses several Slayer NPCs.


It can be accessed via:

  • Slayer Amulet (option 8: Varrock Sewer).
  • The manhole East of Varrock Castle (north-east from the Varrock teleport).


Varrock Sewer expansion

The Varrock Sewer expansion

  • Rat (Level-8)
  • Highwayman (Level-13)
  • Mud Golem (Level-42)
  • Mith Golem (Level-45)
  • Cave Troll (Level-51) (hidden until baited).
  • Earth Warrior (Level-52)
  • Skeleton (Level-54)
  • Werewolf (Level-58)
  • Rock Golem (Level-80)
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