Start: Speak to Kangai Mau in Brimhaven

Requirements: Level 21 Thieving

Items needed: 120 coins for travelling, Ardougne teleport recommended.

Talk to the Kangai Mau in Brimhaven's restaurant, "the Shrimp and Parrot". After speaking with him, pay the Customs Official 30 coins to take the boat to East Ardougne or teleport there. Now talk to Horacio outside the big house to the north-west of the market square. Ask him who he is and whether he gardens around the back. He will accidentally reveal that the code to the door is Handelmort's middle name.

Go north to Wizard Cromperty in the north-east part of Ardougne, talk to him about his inventions until he offers to teleport you. Accept, and you will be teleported to the depot. Search the other crates until you find an Address Label to Lord Handelmor, then use the label on the other crate that is not empty. Talk to the RPDT employee, and ask about the crate. He will deliver it immediately. Leave the building and pick up the tourist guide from the table in the building south of the mansion. Handelmort's middle name will be found in the history section.

Go back to Wizard Cromperty, and ask to be teleported again; this time you will end up in the house. Use the passcode 'BRAD' to get past the first door. Picklock the second door, check the stairs for traps before going up. Search the chest to find the Tribal totem. Teleport out, or go down the stairs, go through the door again and exit via the stairs, exiting through the sewers. Return the totem to Kangai Mau in Brimhaven for your reward.


1 quest point

Thieving Experience = (Level * 75 + 200) x Custom Rate

5 Swordfish

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