Start: Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village maze center

Requirements: Ability to defeat a lvl-100 warlord

Items needed: 6 logs. Decent equipment and Ardougne teleports recommended.

First, go to the gnomish maze west of the Khazard Fight Arena. The maze entrance is on the northeast side, and the destination is the loose paneling on the southeast interior. Go through this loose paneling and talk to King Bolren near the Spirit Tree. He will tell you about bringing an orb to the battlefield and that he needs you to retrieve it. Agree to do this. You now have access to Elkoy's services to skip in and out of the maze.

Go to the battlefield north of the maze and talk to Commander Montai. Talk to him again and give him 6 logs. Talk to him again, and he will tell you to find the three tracker gnomes to find out their coordinates. Tracker 1 is north of the battle ruins, Tracker 2 is in the eastern building, and Tracker 3 is on the west of the ruins. Tracker 3 tells you a riddle. After you have the coordinates, head back to Commander Montai. Click on the ballista and set the correct coordinates (4, 3, 5) then wait for it to hit.

After the ballista has broken the wall to the north, enter and kill the Khazard Commander (lvl-41). Go up the ladder and search the chest. Take the orb and head back to the maze entrance. Talk to Elkoy and quicktravel to the village. Talk to Bolren. He will have some bad news and tell you that the two other orbs were stolen.

Go north to kill the Khazard Warlord. He is northwest past the battlefield a little ways against the fence surrounding West Ardougne. After you defeat him, take the orbs and head back to Bolren. You've saved the day!


2 Quest Points

Gnome amulet of protection

Access to Spirit Tree teleport network

Attack Experience = (Level * 75 + 6950) x Custom Rate

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