Swamp Slimes are Slayer monsters that can be found in Savage Slough and East Wild Slayer Dungeon.

They are combat level 55, require Slayer level 40 to be attacked and require players to wield a lit Torch or use fire spells to kill.

Note: Swamp Slimes (and Ice Golems) extinguish your lit torch every few kills. Bring plenty of Torch Salve to complete the task.

Locations Edit

Drop List

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Herb (unid)
Herb 1 Uncommon
Herb (unid)
Herb 1 Uncommon
Nature-Rune 10 Uncommon
Chaos-Rune 150 Uncommon
Law-Rune 50 Uncommon
Black scimitar
Black Scimitar 1 Rare
Steel Kite Shield
Steel Kite Shield 1 Uncommon
Steel arrow heads
Steel arrow heads 100 Rare
Steel 2-handed Sword
Steel 2-handed Sword 1 Uncommon
Uncut Emerald
Uncut Emerald 1 Uncommon
Uncut Sapphire
Uncut Sapphire 1 Uncommon
Steel Bar
Steel Bar 1 Rare
Bass 1 Rare
Strength potion (1 dose)
Strength Potion (1 dose) 1 Uncommon
Vial (water) 1 Rare
Swamp Tar
Swamp Tar 1 Always
Torch Salve
Torch Salve 2 Uncommon
Slayer Staff (bolt)
Slayer Staff (bolt uncharged) 1 Very Rare
Slayer Amulet
Slayer Amulet 1 Very Rare
Slayer mask
Slayer Mask 1 Very Rare
Slayer Master Ring
Slayer Master Ring 1 Rare
Staff of Air
Staff of air 1 Uncommon
Clue Scroll
Clue Scroll (medium) 1 Very Rare
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