The Slayer Amulet is a rare amulet which can be obtained from Cave Trolls, Jungle Trolls, Swamp Slimes, or Werewolves.

It has four charges and allows the player to teleport to slayer-specific locations before requiring to be recharged.

  • Recharging can be done at the Slayer's fountains found at Savage Slough (inside the castle) and Edgeville (near Oziach).

The amulet has eight teleport locations:

  1. Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
  2. Eastern Castle Ruins (Level 13 Wilderness!)
  3. Edgeville Dungeon
  4. Ghostly Lair (Level 45 Wilderness!)
  5. Hell's Refuge
  6. Karamja Volcano
  7. Savage Slough
  8. Varrock Sewer
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