Sir Malik Varze is a Slayer master which can be found South-east of Falador park. He can assign tasks once the player has reached level 20.

He is able to assign Mud Golems and Mithril Golems, which are popular for their Slayer Master Rings, and Slayer staves (Bolt), and Mithril Gauntlets respectively.

Sir Malik Varze on map

Sir Malik Varze's location on the map.

Sir Malik Varze location

Sir Malik Varze in his house.

Assigned tasks

Sir Malik Varze assigns the following tasks: Warrior, Dark Wizard, Zombie, Monk of Zamorak, Skeleton, Scorpion, Unicorn, Mith Golem, Mud Golem, Dungeon Rat, Highway Man, Thug, Barbarian, Chaos Druid, Thief, Dark Warrior, Chaos Dwarf, Rogue.

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