Start: Councillor Halgrive outside of the East Ardougne church.

Items needed: 100 Coins

Talk to Councillor Halgrive. He will explain that four plague sheep escaped from West Ardougne! He says you have to kill the sheep and then burn their remains in a furnace. You need to be wearing protective clothing before you start, so buy a set of protective trousers and a protective jacket for 100 coins from Doctor orbon inside the church.

Now head to Farmer brumty's farm, north of East Ardougne, and pick up the Cattle prod from the ground.

Check to see if the plagued sheep remains are inside the enclosure already, if so pick them up and skip to the END.

Prod every kind of plague sheep a few times, and it will jump into the enclosure. Once inside, quickly kill it by using Poison animal feed on it. Each one will drop plagued sheep remains which should be used on the cattle furnace found in the small house inside the enclosure.

Plague Sheep 1 is found just south-east from the enclosure; Plague sheep 2 is found directly next to the first group. Plague sheep 3 is found northwest of the enclosure, and Plague sheep 4 is found south of Elena's house in western East Ardougne.

END: Once all of the remains have been incinerated, return to Councillor Halgrive and receive your reward!


4 Quest Points

3100 Coins

Protective trousers

Protective jacket

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