Start: Thormac on top floor of Sorcerer's Tower, south of Seer's Village.

Requirements: 31 Prayer

Items needed: Anti-Dragon Shield, cure poison potion, dusty key, and Camelot and Falador teleports are all recommended.

Thormac south of Seers bank will ask you to go on a quest to collect his lost Kharid Scorpions and will suggest to go to the Seer in the Seers Village to obtain hints on their locations. Thormac will give you a Scorpion Cage for you to use on all three.

To catch the 1st Kharid Scorpion, head south of Seers Village to the Barbarian Outpost and speak to the Barbarian guards and tell them you are a barbarian to obtain a Bar Crawl card. (If you already did the bar crawl, skip this part.) Simply go to every bar located on the card and speak to the Bartenders and tell them you're doing the bar crawl and you will have access to the outpost. Once allowed inside, go in and use the Scorpion Cage on the Kharid Scorpion.

For the 2nd Kharid Scorpion, head west of Edgeville to the monastery and go up the ladder@whi. The north-west room with the monk's robes should contain the Kharid Scorpion. Use the Scorpion cage on it and then head to Seer's Village to talk to Seer about the last missing scorpion.

For the 3rd Kharid Scorpion, after talking to the Seer head deep into Taverly dungeon past the black demons (lvl-156) into the room with two coffins and an odd looking wall. Push through it and use the cage on the scorpion. Head back to Thormac for your reward.


1 Quest Point

Thormac will enchant battlestaffs for you for 40,000 coins

Strength Experience = 6,625 x Custom Rate

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