Savage Slough is a swamp area which can be found South-West of Lumbridge Swamp. It was released on the 18th of January 2019 along with the introduction of the Slayer skill. It contains a swamp, Slough Castle, and underneath it, Hell's Refuge.

Most varieties of golems (apart from ice and lava golems) can be found here, as well as werewolves and several convenient npcs otherwise found in the wilderness. It can only be accessed via the bridge from Lumbridge swamp.

Note: players with level 40+ slayer should be careful of aggressive Swamp burrowers when moving through the swamp to the castle.

Bridge to Savage Slough

Savage Slough swamp

Savage Slough

The swamp area contains the following NPCs:

  • Souless (level-24)
  • Zombie (level-24)
  • Swamp Slime (level-55)
  • UndeadOne (level-62)
  • Swamp Burrower (level-74)

Slough Castle (ground floor)

Slough Castle (ground floor)

Slough Castle's ground floor contains the following NPCs:

  • Dungeon Rat (level-16)
  • Werewolf (level-58)
  • Rock Golem (level-80)

Slough Castle (1st floor)

Slough Castle - 1st Floor

The 1st floor of Slough Castle contains the following NPCs:

  • Thug (level-18)
  • Rogue (level-21)
  • Dark Warrior (level-21)
  • Swamp Slime (level-55)
  • Werewolf (level-58)

Slough Castle (2nd floor)

Slough Castle - 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor of Slough Castle contains the following NPCs:

  • Monk of Zamorak (level-29)
  • Pirate (level-30)
  • Earth Warrior (level-52)
  • Poison Spider (level 63)

Hell's Refuge

Hell's Refuge

Hell's refuge can be reached by going down the ladders on Slough Castle's ground floor. It contains the following NPCs:

  • Mud Golem (level-42)
  • Mith Golem (level-45)
  • Addy Golem (level-75)
  • Rune Golem (level-100)
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