Rock Golems are Slayer monsters that can be found in Hell's Refuge (below Savage Slough) and in the East Wild Slayer Dungeon.

They are level 80 combat, require Slayer level 40 to be attacked and Dynamite to be killed.

Locations Edit

Drop List

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Mithril Ore 1 Very Rare
Coal 1 Rare
Coal Certificate 1 Rare
Iron Ore Certifcate 1 Rare
Mithril Ore Certificate 1 Rare
Ruby (uncut) 1 Rare
Blood Rune 30 Rare
Nature Rune 30 Rare
Death Rune 50 Rare
Air Rune 100 Rare
Fire Rune 100 Rare
Black Gauntlets 1 Very Rare
Slayer Staff (Blast Uncharged) 1 Very Rare
Super Strength Potion (1 dose) 1 Rare
Super Attack Potion (1 dose) 1 Rare
Super Defence Potion (1 dose) 1 Rare
Hammer 1 Uncommon
Steel Pickaxe 1 Rare
Rune Pickaxe 1 Rare
Earth Rune 50 Rare
Steel Scimitar 1 Rare
Steel Axe 1 Rare
Steel Battle Axe 1 Rare
Steel Chain Mail Body 1 Rare
Herb 1 Uncommon
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Rocks 1 Always
Half of key (loop) 1 Rare
Half of key (teeth) 1 Rare
Diamond (uncut) 1 Rare
Iron Ore 1 Rare
Clue Scroll (hard) 1 Very Rare
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