Requirements: None.

Items needed: A pot.

Talk to the guard by the fence. Enter the mansion and walk to the room in the east. Take the Silver dagger and the Murder Scene pot, then investigate the window to get a thread. Approach the dog outside and search the gate for your second piece of evidence. Then search the six barrels found in the bedrooms. There are 2 barrels downstairs, and 4 barrels upstairs. Once you've looked in each barrel, you should have these six silver items: 1) Anna's necklace, 2) Bob's Teacup, 3) Carol's Bottle, 4) David's Book, 5) Elizabeth's Needle, and 6) Frank's Pot.

Go downstairs to the garden shed on the west, and investigate the sacks. Take seven (7) flypapers. Go to the kitchen and take from the flour barrel, then use your flour on the silver dagger, and then use the dagger on a flypaper. Do this again with each silver item you collected. Now use the unidentified fingerprint on everyone's print until you find out who is the match to get the murderer's fingerprint.

Walk south towards Camelot and talk to the poison salesman on the road. Ask who he sold the poison to. He will tell you that everyone bought some. Go back to the mansion and talk to the person whose fingerprints you matched. Ask them why they had to use his poison. Then, investigate the object they were talking about. A message will appear that there isn't poison in there. Go back and talk to the guard to receive your rewards.


3 Quest Points

Crafting experience = (Level*38 + 162) x Custom rate

2,000 coins

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