Start: King Arthur in Camelot castle.

Requirements: Another player to distract Arhein. Ability to defeat a lvl-58 evil knight.

Items needed: Bread (can be obtained in east Falador monk's house), Bucket, Tinderbox, Bat bones (obtained during quest), Insect repellent (obtained during quest). Camelot, Falador, and amulet teleports are recommended.

 Camelot Castle is located east of Seers Village and northwest of Catherby. Talk to King Arthur to start the quest. Talk to Sir Gawain and Sir Lancelot to learn more about Keep LeFaye. @red@IMPORTANT: Keep talking until one of them explains that Keep LeFaye receives deliveries by boat! Now go to the dock in southwest Catherby. Get another player to talk to Arhein. (If you don't have any friends to do this, try asking global chat or a player fishing in east Catherby). While he's distracted, stowaway on his ship.

Upon arrival, head past the Renegade knights (lvl-51) up two flights of stairs to the top floor and defeat Sir Mordred (lvl-58). When Morgan LeFaye appears, spare his life to discover how to break the spell. After finishing all the dialogues, go back down one flight of stairs and escape via the ladder to the west. Once outside, kill a nearby bat (lvl-32) and pick up its bat bones. (Get a spare if you feel you may accidentally bury one.)

Go to Catherby and pick up the insect repellent from the house north of the bank, and grab your bucket. Head to the beehives west of Catherby, and use the insect repellent on one, followed by the bucket to get wax. Take the wax to the Candle Maker in the house west of Catherby bank and ask about black candles. Speak to him again with the bucket of wax and he will hand you a black candle.

Head to the lake south of Taverly and talk to the Lady on the peninsula about Excalibur. Walk into Grum's Gold Exchange in Port Sarim. A beggar will spawn when you try to open the door. Give the beggar the bread, and he will transform to the Lady, who then gives you Excalibur. (Note: If you do this section multiple times, you can obtain multiple Excaliburs.)

Now, taking the proper precautions, go to the Chaos Temple in level-11 Wilderness, north of Varrock. Search the altar to find the magic words: "Snarthon Candtrick Termanto." Go back to Camelot, and head north-east around the castle until you find a pentagram. Light your black candle with a tinderbox, drop the bat bones on the pentagram, and use the magic words to vanquish Thrantax. (Note: If you use the wrong words, you will briefly fight him and then have to do this section over again.) Head up the castle's south-east tower and use Excalibur on Merlin to free him from the giant crystal, and then speak to King Arthur to complete the quest.


6 Quest Points


Ability to start Holy Grail Quest

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