Lady Valyrie is a Slayer master which can be found North-west of Ardougne Square.

She can assign tasks if players have a Slayer level of at least 40, and is popular for her fast and high exp an hour yielding tasks, which is a noticeable improvement when compared to the lower level Masters.

Lady Valyrie on map

Lady Valyrie's location on the map.

Lady Valyrie location

Lady Valyrie in her house.

Assigned tasks

Lady Valyrie assigns the following tasks: Monk of Zamorak, Skeleton, Golem, Werewolf, Swamp Slime, Swamp Burrower, Cave Troll, Black Knight, Otherworldly Being, Guard Dog, Animated Axe, Lesser Demon, Baby Blue Dragon, Earth Warrior, Ice Warrior, Jogre, Cult Member, Jungle Spider, Tribesman, Yanille Watchmen, Ogres, Mining slave, Citizen, Battlemage, Mountain Dwarf, Khazard Troop, Blessed Spider, Souless.

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