The Karamja Volcano expansion is a Slayer dungeon that can be found underneath Karamja Volcano. To enter the gate, players require a Slayer level of 60.


  • Slayer Amulet (option 6: Karamja Volcano)
  • Charged Dragonstone Amulet to Karamja (option 2: Karamja), then walk north-west and go down the ladder on the south-west side of the volcano.


The following NPCs can be found at the Karamja Volcano expansion:

Karamja Volcano expansion
  • Moss Giant (Level-62)
  • UndeadOne (Level-62)
  • Greater Demon (Level-87)
  • Blue Dragon (Level-108)
  • Hellhound (Level-114)
  • Red Dragon (Level-147)
  • Lava Golem (Level-150)
  • Black Demon (Level-156)
  • Black Dragon (level-190)
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