Ice Golems are Slayer monsters that can be found in the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon (south-west of Port Sarim) and in High level P2P Wilderness near the Ice Plateau.

They are level 100 combat, require slayer level 60 to be attacked and require players to wield lit Torches in order to deal damage.


Drop Table




Magnetic Ring 1 Very Rare
Water Rune 150 Uncommon
Air Rune 100 Uncommon
Silver 1 Rare
Half of a Key (loop) 1 Very Rare
Half of a Key (tooth) 1 Very Rare
Uncut Dragonstone 1 Very Rare
Uncut Sapphire 1 Uncommon
Uncut Emerald 1 Uncommon
Uncut Ruby 1 Rare
Uncut Diamond 1 Rare
Mithril Ore 1 Rare
Mithril Plate Mail Legs 1 Rare
Mithril Plate Mail Body 1 Rare
Adamantite Kite Shield 1 Rare
Adamantite Mace 1 Rare
Adamantite 2-handed Sword 1 Rare
Herb 1 Uncommon
Herb 1 Uncommon
Herb 1 Uncommon
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Slayer Mask 1 Very Rare
Law-Rune 20 Uncommon
Blood-Rune 20 Rare
Slayer Staff Wave (uncharged) 1 Very Rare
Slayer Master Ring 1 Very Rare
Nature-Rune 20 Rare
Death-Rune 35 Rare
Fire-Rune 100 Uncommon
Water 1 Always
Clue Scroll (medium) 1 Very Rare
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