Chances are your runite armour was smithed from pure runite, pure runite can be heated to extremely high temperatures and this extreme heat will harden the armour.

Hot enough furnace for this purpose is located in underground of Lava Maze.

You have 15% chance for succesfully hardening your rune, if you fail then your item is gone forever.

Rune Items you can harden:

Hardened-Rune Helmet
Hardened-Rune Plate Mail Body
Hardened-Rune Plate Mail Legs
Hardened-Rune Plate Mail top
Hardened-Rune skirt

The high temperature smithing of rune was known to the chaos dwarves who swore their allegiance to Zamorak during the god wars a millennium ago.

These dwarves were capable of harnessing the devilish heat of the lava to further harden their armors, galvanizing the metal to channel the energies of the god of chaos. The metal is so refined that it distorts the lightwaves around it akin to a modern stealth bomber, appearing slightly transparent. Altogether, a full set of hardened rune outclasses unhardened rune by +10 armor and +9 prayer.

This ancient art has been rediscovered by brave adventurers deep at the heart of the Lava Maze.

Do you dare follow in their footsteps?

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