Ghostlies are level 110 Slayer monsters that can be found in a dungeon underneath the Sapphire House in level 45 Wilderness (north-west of Red Dragon Isle).

They require level 85 Slayer to be attacked, unless the player is on a Ghostlies (Wild Slayer Master) task at level 60+ Slayer.

They are popular for dropping the Ghostly Robe set, which can only be obtained during a Ghostly slayer task, in turn only available via the Wild Slayer Master in Edgeville.


Drop Table

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Ghostly Hood 1 Very Rare
Ghostly Robe Top 1 Very Rare
Ghostly Robe Bottom 1 Very Rare
Uncut Diamond 1 Rare
Uncut Emerald 1 Rare
Uncut Sapphire 1 Rare
Ruby Amulet of Strength 1 Rare
Strength Potion (3 dose) 1 Rare
Swordfish 1 Rare
Blood-Rune 40 Rare
Half of a Key (teeth) 1 Rare
Half of a Key (loop) 1 Rare
Adamantite Ore 1 Rare
Adamantite Kite 1 Rare
Adamantite Plate Mail Body 1 Rare
Rune Kite Shield 1 Rare
Rune Chain Mail Body 1 Rare
Rune 2-handed Sword 1 Rare
Air-Rune 150 Rare
Fire-Rune 150 Rare
Nature-Rune 30 Rare
Death-Rune 40 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Herb 1 Rare
Ashes 1 Always
Uncut Dragonstone 1 Rare
Uncut Ruby 1 Rare
Mithril 2-handed Sword 1 Uncommon
Mithril Plate Mail Body 1 Uncommon
Mithril Kite 1 Uncommon
Mithril Ore 1 Uncommon
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