Start: Gertrude's house, just southwest of Varrock west entrance.

Requirements: Lvl-5 fishing to catch the raw sardine is recommended.

Items needed: 100 coins, bucket of milk, doogle leaf, raw sardine.

Gertrude tells you that her cat, Fluffs, has gone missing and asks you to speak to her son, located in Varrock square, to see if he knows where she might be. Take a doogle leaf from behind Gertrude's house before heading back into Varrock.

Speak to Shilop in Varrock square and ask about Fluffs. He requires 100 coins before he'll tell you where Fluffs is. Pay him the bribe then proceed to the lumber mill, located northeast of Varrock, east of the Jolly Boar Inn. If you don't have your raw sardine, you can fish one in Catherby, Draynor, or Barbarian's Village using a regular fishing rod and fishing bait, which themselves can be purchased in Port Sarim or Catherby fishing stores.

Enter the lumber mill by searching the low fence on the east side. Climb up both sets of ladders, and you will see the cat. If you try to pick her up, she will scratch you for damage and you discover she's thirsty. Give her the bucket of milk. Try to pick her up again, and it will say she is hungry. Use your doogle leaves on the raw sardine, then give the seasoned sardine to the cat. She meows and you will hear kittens meowing in the distance.

Go back down to the ground level. Search all the crates and barrels in the area until you find kittens. It's random, so just keep searching, and make sure you don't miss any. Return to Fluffs the cat and use the kittens on her. They will run home safe. Now return to Gertrude's house to claim your reward.


1 Quest Point

Cooking Experience = (Level * 45 + 175) x Custom Rate 

1 Kitten

1 Chocolate Cake

1 Stew

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