Start: Speak to the mountain dwarf on either side of White Wolf Mountain near the stairs.

Requirements: 10 Fishing, ability to defend against guard dogs (lvl-46).

Items needed: 5 coins, garlic, a spade, fishing rod (and some bait)

Speak to either one of the mountain dwarves near White Wolf Mountain between Catherby and Taverly. They'll tell you that they will let you use their tunnel under the mountain, if you earn their trust. They go on to tell you about the Hemenster Fishing Contest. They'll give you a fishing competition pass and tell you to win the trophy.

Travel to Hemenster, located north of Ardougne and southwest of Seers Village. Click on the gate and you'll show Morris your fishing competition pass and he will let you through. You can try to fish for the contest, but you will always lose. Talk to Grandpa Jack, who is located in a house north-east of Hemenster, and he will tell you the secrets to his fishing ability. He will tell you to always use the spot next to the pipes. He also says that his best bait was red vine worms gained through McGrubor's Wood.

Put a spade in your inventory before heading to McGrubor's Wood. You will need to obtain red vine worms to catch the giant carp. If you try and enter the woods through the main entrance, the Foresters will tell you that it's a private property, and that you can't enter, therefore you will have to enter through another way. To the east side of the woods and you will find a hidden entrance. (You'll notice a small gap in the grey lines on your map.) Go through the fence with loose pannels. Once inside, you must find the red vine, which is located in the western part of the woods. There are guard dogs (lvl-40) patrolling so be careful if your combat level is low. Use your spade on the vine and you will obtain a red vine worms.

Once all of the items are obtained, go back to Hemenster to enter the contest by talking to Bonzo and giving him 5 coins. Now talk to sinister stranger and ask him who he is, then accuse him of being a vampire. You can now use the garlic on the pipe next to the sinister stranger (the pipe farthest from the water). He'll complain about a strong garlic smell, and switch spots with you. Fish the fishing spot and you will catch a giant carp. Talk to Bonzo, show him the fish and he will tell you to wait for the time to be over. A few of seconds later the contest will end and you will win. You will be given the Hemenster fishing trophy. Go back to either of the two mountain dwarves to complete the quest.


1 Quest Point

Fishing experience

Access to the underground shortcut beneath the White Wolf Mountain

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