The East wild Slayer dungeon can be located in level 8-15 East Wilderness, with three ladders on the Eastern side. It contains a variety of Slayer NPCs, proving a useful location for players wishing to train the Slayer skill in the Wilderness (for bonus experience and/or points).


The Wilderness Slayer dungeon can be found in low level East wilderness, and can be accessed via:

  • Slayer Amulet (option 2: Eastern Castle Ruins)
  • Walking North from either Varrock or Jolly Boar inn (teleport pool in Edgeville).
  • Level 18 Wilderness Obelisk (Graveyard, East of)
    • Warning: Will skull the player.


The East Wild Slayer Dungeon contains the following NPCs:

  • Rogue (Lvl 21)
  • Pirate (Lvl 27)
  • Mud Golem (Lvl 42)
  • Mith Golem (Lvl 45)
  • Shadow Spider (Lvl 53) [will drain your prayer!]
  • Swamp Slime (Lvl 55)
  • Werewolf (Lvl 58)
  • Addy Golem (Lvl 75)
  • Swamp Burrower (Lvl 75)
  • Rock Golem (Lvl 80)
  • Sand Burrower (Lvl 97)
  • Rune Golem (Lvl 100)
  • Venom Bomber (Green: Lvl 105; Yellow: Lvl 105; Purple: Lvl 110; Red: Lvl 110)
Slayer dungeon north

East Wild Slayer Dungeon from the North

East wild slayer dungeon

East Wild Slayer Dungeon from the South

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