Start:Kaqemeex in Druid's stone circle, north Taverly.

Requirements: None, 13+ combat recommended.

Items needed: Raw rat meat, Raw bear meat, Raw beef, Raw chicken

Kaqemeex tells you to talk to Sanfew because the dark wizards took their stone circle south of Varrock, and he's the one who can help. To find Sanfew, go south to Taverley where he is located in or around the northwest building. Sanfew will tell you he needs raw rat meat, chicken meat, bear meat and cow meat. Then these 4 meats have to be dipped into Cauldron of Thunder.

Time to gather the meats. If you already have them, skip this paragraph. Rats can be found in many places, including the Lumbridge Swamp, south of Port Sarim, and sewers. Chickens are at the Lumbridge farm and the Falador farm (south of Falador), among other places. A bear can be found patrolling just east of Goblin Village, or in Varrock east mine. Cows can be found in fields in Lumbridge and just west of the Crafting Guild.

Once you have your four meats, go back to Taverley and then travel south until you reach a area of Dead Trees. Go down the ladder there. Travel along the corridor and you will see two Suits of Armour. Go in the door between them but be careful, one of the Suits of Armour will attack you. After you kill the first one, the second will also attack you when you try to open the door. After you are through the door, you will see the Cauldron of Thunder. Use all the four meats with the Cauldron of Thunder to get Enchanted beef, Enchanted rat meat, Enchanted chicken meat and Enchanted bear meat. You can now head back up the ladder to Taverley. Give the meats to Sanfew. He will take them and then tell you to return to Kaqemeex at the Altar of Guthix. He will give you your reward.


4 Quest Points

Ability to use Herblaw skill

Herblaw experience = 250 x Custom Rate

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