Start: Talk to Doric (north of Falador)

Requirements: 15 mining if mining the required ore

Items needed:

A pickaxe if mining the required ore, or...

6 Clay

4 Copper Ore

2 Iron Ore

Talk to Doric north of Falador and east of Taverly. He will ask you to get him 6 clay, 4 copper ore, and 2 iron ore before you may use his anvil.

Getting the ores

Head to the Dwarven Mines and mine 6 clay, 4 copper ore and 2 iron ore there, if you didn't already have them. Iron rocks, copper rocks, and clay rocks are all just a short walk away from the ladder when you enter.

Note that if you wander off in the mine, you'll encounter aggressive Scorpions and King Scorpions that will be tough for low level players to defeat.

Getting your reward

Return to Doric when you have got all of the ore and you will receive your reward.


Mining experience


180 coins

1 Quest Point

Ability to use Doric's anvils

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