Doom Cult Questline

This is a 100% RSCR original Quest Line. Written by none other than our Admin BIlly, who also wrote the humorous Billy Mays' Quest Reviews

Today a no-good wizard named Evil Dan showed up at the Church of Zamorak in Southeast Varrock.


If you talk to him he'll try to encourage the worst instincts in you: assassination, devil worship, global domination, and reconstructing banned artifacts. So as a law-abiding RuneScapian, you should probably stay away from him.

Here are the chapters to his quest to restore the Bloody axe of Zamorak and his cult to power.

  1. Chapter 1: Killing Hans = Requirement: Lvl-10 combat.
  2. Chapter 2: Here's Jonny = Requirement: Lvl-18 combat.
  3. Chapter 3: Arboreal Assassin = Requirement: Lvl-20 combat.
  4. Chapter 4: Castle Crushers = Requirement: Lvl-35 combat, ability to traverse wilderness.
  5. Chapter 5: Chronicles of Radick = Requirement: Lvl-40 combat.
  6. Chapter 6: Who Necromances the Necromancers? = Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-24 and lvl-34 monsters.
  7. Chapter 7: Arabian Fights = Requirement: Ability to fight lvl-18 and lvl-32 monsters.
  8. Chapter 8: Bandit Stamp = Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-29 and lvl-39 monsters, and traverse wilderness.
  9. Chapter 9: Just Deserts = Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl- 31, lvl-45, and lvl-70 monsters.
  10. Chapter 10: Rage of Darquarius = Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-51 and lvl-76 monsters.
  11. Chapter 11: Game Ogre = Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-58 and lvl-78 monsters.
  12. Chapter 12: Dragon on the Ending = Requirement: Ability to defeat high level dragons and demons.
  13. Chapter 13: Dragon on the Ending Pt. 2 = Requirement: Ability to defeat high level dragons, and traverse wilderness.
  14. Chapter 14: Guardians of the Fallacy = Requirement: Ability to defeat four aggressive monsters in the level 251-255 range, one after the other. Level 32 thieving.

Just a couple of notes: If you do not want to gain experience during this quest, always choose the reward option that says "0xp" when the reward is experience. This option is included because ::fatigue doesnt work on rewards. Also, the Bloody axe of Zamorak is a reward for finishing the questline (along with hundreds of thousands of xp in a combat stat of your choice). The axe is a cool unreleased item from RSC quests about evil cults, so it made sense to pop up here, we also gave it a special 'brandish' effect which you'll have to check out on your own. Finally, this is a string of miniquests so, you won't get quest points.

Hopefully you get as much of a kick out of completing the questline as I did making it.



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