Start: Talk to Sir Amik Varze in the White Knights Castle

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Medium

Requirements: 12 Quest Points, ability to defend against lvl-46 knights.

Items needed:Medium Bronze Helmet, Iron Chain Mail Body, Cabbage (not from Draynor)

Walkthrough :

Talk to Sir Amik Varze on the second floor of the White Knights Castle in Falador. Tell him you are seeking a quest and he'll say he needs some spy work done. The Black Knights are threatening to invade Falador with a secret weapon, and you must sabotage it.

Before heading to the Black Knights' Fortress, you'll need a cabbage Medium Bronze Helmet, and an Iron Chain Mail Body. Cabbage can be picked up near Lumbridge or near trhe Monastery. Do not pick up cabbage from Draynor Manor as this cabbage does not work in the quest. You can buy a Medium Bronze Helmet from Peksa in Barbarian Village and an Iron Chain Mail Body from Horvik the Armourer in Varrock or Wayne in Falador. Once you have these three items, head to the Black Knights' Fortress, located on the north side of Ice Mountain and west of the Monastery.

Equip your Medium Bronze Helmet and Iron Chain Mail Body and walk right in the east door. Once inside, go through the odd looking wall to the north and climb up the ladder. In this room, you'll notice a grill in the west end. Right-click it and select "listen" to listen to a conversation between a goblin named Greldo, a Witch, and a Black Knight. You'll hear them talking about an invincibility potion they're making which is missing the last ingredient, cabbage from Draynor Manor. However, any other cabbage will destroy the potion, which is your goal.

Climb back down the ladder, pass through the odd looking wall, and enter the room west of you with the three Black Knights. Go through the room and go up the stairs leading to the second floor. Now climb the ladder to the top floor. Go through the odd looking wall to the north and use your cabbage on the hole. Be very careful not to eat the cabbage. You will hear the Witch "groan in dismay", revealing that the potion has been destroyed. Return to Falador and talk to Sir Amik Varze to receive your reward for completing the quest.


3 Quest Points

2500 coins

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